They Call Them Camisoles Revisited

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The Problem With The French Girl Aesthetic

Pat Macha. Kevin Lau. Barbara Parker. Popular Epub - by Renae Clare. Samuel Walker. Whether your understanding of the term is informed by an Eric Rohmer boxset or a picture of Brigitte Bardot — stumbled upon years ago and subsequently revisited in anticipation of any summer holiday, be it Brighton, Broadstairs or Biarritz — the French Girl aesthetic is familiar style territory for most of us.

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Invited or otherwise, the French Girl's particular je ne sais quoi is no doubt penetrating the peripheries of your sartorial game as we speak. Elsewhere it flaunts its French Girl capital as a brand "of girls who apply lipstick with their fingers" and "who eat fries and drink red wine".

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  • They Call Them Camisoles - Revisited.
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  • The Rouje woman is carefree with her beauty regime and apparently rebellious but French af with her diet. The sizing problem is not a new phenomenon — shoppers have been calling out the 'different shop, different size' issue for years — but lately consumer outrage has been aimed at a much more damaging trend.

    As Yomi Adegoke pointed out in The Guardian , the real issue with this sizing system is not the letters themselves but the fact that brands are complicit in the shaming language commonly used to determine that big is bad and fat is purely negative. ASOS' label choices, Adegoke writes , "felt more like an accusation than a factual inaccuracy". The same could be read into the labels mentioned here.

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