Stolen Time

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And forgive me I thought my problem was somehow a new one.

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And suddenly I became part of a great legacy of women who had been stealing bits of time, writing at kitchen tables instead of desks, scribbling notes whenever they could, and most of all writing anyway. Painting anyway. Composing music anyway.

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Dancing anyway. Working on their callings and dreams and labors of love anyway. Fill in the line for you. What is life asking you to attend to, in stolen bits of time? I can remember, thanks to Liz, that what I am doing is more typical than unusual, more an age-old reality than a contemporary predicament. And that reframing changes everything. What would change for you if you really embraced making your art or working on your dream during stolen time?

If you embraced it could happen that way?

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Tara, I absolutely loved this post, thank you… she writes, in a moment of stolen time. Casey Erin Wood xo. Now, for me, this is also life-changing. No more putting off writing until all the stars are aligned just right and everything is perfect. Thank you for this great, inspiring post. Thank you so much. So thanks again, my struggle is lessened, knowing I am not alone and that broken time is good enough. Haha, you focused on the stolen time part.

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I zeroed in on the stolen materials part. I have transformed entire spaces with roadside branches and scraps of fabric. NEVER let a lack of funds stop you. Look around! Make art!

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Hi Tara, what a lovely post, it took me back to six years ago, after my daughter was born, and I was learning just how much becoming a mother was affecting my ability to control my time. For all of you in the thick of parenting, I want you to know it will all get done. You will find the time and energy to create your dreams. It may not look like much now…craft projects instead of canvases or poems scribbled on Kleenex instead of essays or singing and dancing along with Sesame Street …. Once I had only the corner of my bedroom, now I have a studio, a kiln and a pottery wheel.

I have a website, thanks to my talented son, now grown. This has been so true for me as I struggle to balance life and work with a new toddler, we adopted her in January. I had children early and felt behind on my first career. What a powerful shift in perception! The reality is, though, often times I have deadlines, things to get done, and stuff to juggle.

And, I have to sneak my work in here and there and put out a few fires in between. So happy I landed here today. I have discovered quite a few things in my stolen time and one of them is that, like you say, I am not alone. I would love to intersect with you more. Happy to subscribe to you here. I love so much all the articles you send through, as your perceptions are very similiar to mines. I also learnt a lot from you for my life. This article is especially close to me as I have a 3-years-old daughter, and it was exactly the same as you write. I used every free minute between feeding the baby, bringing to bed or playing with her to do something for myself and for my own development.

The most fascinating thing is that since my daughter was born I achieved and learnt much more during the stolen moments than I did before when I had all the time for me.

It concerns both my career and my passion in music. Hi Tara Reading this post this morning was very timely. I have been silently lamenting how each day had only very small pockets of where I could focus on my work. This gives me a different perspective and I am going to run with it!

Stolen Time

Thank you! Adore this! This has totally been my life since I had my first son 7 years ago. Stolen time is the perfect way to put it. It has been a difficult thing to accept for me, and it still becomes a frustration until I remind myself to surrender! Thanks for the reminder, I needed it right now especially! I read a lot of interesting content here. Probably you spend a lot of time writing, i know how to save you a lot of time, there is an online tool that creates readable, SEO friendly articles in minutes, just search in google — laranitas free content source.

Tara Mohr, who I had never […]. But in truth, creating beauty in our lives commonly occurs in the stolen moments.

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Clever writing. This article by Tara Sophia Mohr is […]. I just stopped by to read this for a second time. This site makes extensive use of JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser.

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