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TeslaCam - Autopilot Handling Roads Without Lane Lines in Michigan

They can be dangerous! Lately, I have also been seeing a increase in confidence, and the vehicle has become able to navigate much more "Intense" roads Think, winding roads, where the camera cannot see the lines ahead as far.

Many roads which the car would force me to take over, it now travels with little or no issues! Roads it would not allow me to activate at all, it's allowing not only autopilot activation, but also navigating perfectly! My conclusion, in the manner in which this "Revelation" the ability the car had, was almost like a light switch being flipped.

Messing with road layouts spells danger ahead | Letters

What I would need to say is, it really appears Tesla flipped the giant master switch on the Autopilot's Deep Learning AI, and now the cars are beginning to make use of the Millions upon Millions of accumulated fleet learning. Both active and passive! For those that don't know we have some really crappy roads up here and they have been in a mad rush to repave some of them before winter.

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This one is a road I drive daily and they recently repaved and hadn't painted the lines yet. Autopilot was on during the entirety of this video and handled it quite well with minimal ping ponging. I was pretty impressed it did it without lines or locking on to a car in front! That's after they paved it?

Autopilot 42.4 handles Michigan roads without lines

It's like riding a fucking bull. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Autopilot Owner Investor. Most times it was within Australia but sometimes overseas.

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And we did it because we both loved it. Loved the discovery, loved the adventure, loved being together.

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From the start of when I was trying to come to grips with being alone, it just seemed to happen that I found myself on a plane to Turkey with a thought in the back of my mind that after the organised Turkish tour was finished I would like to buy a cheap old car, drive around Europe for a few months, sell the car and return home. I bought Phe for Fiat. So there were now 4 of us — Karen and Compass, Phe and Me.

Two blokes and two sheilas, so off we went. Scandinavia, Iceland, Russia and central Europe. Through huge cities and tiny villages, through farming land and wilderness, over mountains and past lakes, on sealed roads and dirt tracks.