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If you only have one day to explore our city, we provide the following tips to take make the most of your time. To become an integral part of its exceptional natural environment which combines sea and mountains represents an In its large Municipal territory, we can explore a series of coves, beaches, cliffs, islands, caves and capes as well as mountains and v The Tourism offices have a small guide with routes that are highly recommended for their beauty and the diversity of their flora and fauna species.

Throughout its 25 km coast, we can explore a series of coves, beaches and cliffs which are outstanding for their natural beauty, crystal-clear water and their Mediterranean forest environment. Likewise, we can d There are also numerous small rural roads throughout the Muni Its East-West orientation and the large sandstone walls define its features, which jointly with its height, proximity to the sea and climate hav Urban beach with gravel in the Aduanas del Mar district.

Occupancy level is average. Its length is m. Years later, it was followed by another ten towers, whose ruins, currently without blades or roof, can still be observed in this exceptional corner of the coas From prehistoric times until the Christian feudal conquest, various differen Semi-Urban open gravel and pebble beach which extends from the mouth of the Gorgos River up to the Arenal Beach. Formerly, it was the best site fo Rural cove with gravel, boulders and pebbles between Cap Prim and Cap Negre.

In front of this cove, there is the Portitxol Island m with m It is accessed by means of the motorway with the same name which is taken from the Cabo de la Nao road, at approx. The hermits built it to isolate themselves from worldly life and thus in their honour, the Sanctuary, "Er Over the centuries, a waterwheel "noria" was included, a The fishing activity is linked to this scenic view. From the land, the sea was encircled with a large net which was also fastened to the ships. This viewpoint provides a glimpse of corners which were prac From here, visitors may contemplate the entire extension of the Bay.

The presence of the island of Portitxol and the small islet which accompanies will captivate the view of the visitors who visit this scenic point. Very near to the coast, the island is located practically in front of the Cove: Cala de la Barraca or Portitxol island. Its exceptionally natural beauty makes it an essential place to visit.

In fact, the Council of the Environment highl The Granadella area is a large natural space with over hectares.

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Bartholomew Church-Fortress , from the 14th to the 16th Centuries, with expansions in the 18th and 19th Centuries. The main work is framed within the Isabelli The Cape: Cap de Sant Antoni is located in a transition zone between the lower coastal sand banks of the Valencia Gulf and the characteristic rocky cliffs of Northern Alicante.

These cliffs shape the coastal landscape with elegant beauty where impressive vertical rock faces al The Portitxol Bay has a border with the Cape: Cap Prim in the north and the Cape: Cap Negre in the South which protects it from the winds of the first and second quadrant. Low scrublands and pasture bunch grasses. We find two very different types of scrublands depending on the rocky substratum where they live a Strolling through its streets a It is a small Gothic building with a rectangular floor plan built in the The Port's origins date back to the 15th Century, but it was in the midth Century when it acquired major importance which continued to grow in subsequent centuries; in the 19th Century, the city achieved its greatest success due to the raisin export trade.

The first known j Acclaimed for its extensive leisure and gastronomy offer, this The visitor arrives at the Cross, Creu del Portitxol, sheltered from the coast in a zone which was a natural mooring zone in Ancient times.


However, when raising their view, it will be difficult for visitors to distract their gaze from the scenario represented by the barge run In the mid 19th Century, the urban landscape of the Aduanas neighbourhood was d These buildings are named due to the fact that they were built during the Christian occupation period. Despite their name, they had extensive constructive duration due to their architectural simplicity. They were all built according to the same building scheme: Rectangular flo The 18th Century was a period marked by demographic and economic growth in which powerful families and small farm owners built these hermitage.

They are simple with small dimensions and rectangular floor plan; they have an additional room Sacristy on the sides or rear sectio The interior has two floo The Watch Towers of Ambolo and Portitxol were built in the 16th Century and their function was surveillance and maritime defence from pirate attacks. They are located on private property.

Another building which formed part of our Coastal defensive system is the Castell de la They were rectangular structures with sands Among other uses, thi The buildings called "riuraus" are Raisin drying facilities built in the Valencia regions in the 18th Century. They are linked to the rise of the Raisin Trade period in the 19th Century which was a prosperous economic age.

This building is an essential element in the grape r It is time to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the landscape from the 15 Scenic Viewpoints distributed along the coast. On the 1st day, you have the option to visit the two Scenic Viewpoints located in Cabo de San Antonio. You can explore the remaining ones from Av. At the beach: Playa del Arenal, which year after year earns the Blue Flag Award for Clean Seas of Europe, you may enjoy a relaxing day at the beach where little toddlers can play in the playground The program also include City park equipped with a children's playground.

Parque Montaner. Children's playground area in the same Enjoying a day at the beach can be an excellent option. At the shallow beach, "Playa de Arenal", we can carry out various activities such as build sand castles, play ping-pong, paddle tennis The majority of the fruits and vegetables are grown in the fertile valley of Sant Bertomeu and in its orchards whose soil is frequently enriched by silt when the Gorgos River overf The Beach area called Playa del Arenal has the largest number of bars, where you are sure to find the place best suited to your tastes, all kinds of Pubs, Discotheques, Chill-out, Live Music and many other night spots along the It is a calcareous sandstone which was formed by sand dunes about one hundred thousand ye It is the easternmost town in the Marina Alta district.

The achievement of growth based on economic, social and territorial development is a clear objective of the Municipal Management to build a friendlier city, with a strong commitment to its environment and heritage, whic Coast with blue seas, mountainous horizons and green pine woods Taste an excellent meal in the restaurants where you will have the opportunity to discover the local gastronomy.

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Enjoy the great Summer atmosphere in the popular refreshment stands known as "xiringuitos". Get pleasantly lost in its fascinating coves. Submerge into the dep Born in Valencia in Every Tuesday at 10pm enjoy this cinema at the beach with the family or friends. Films in spanish with english subtitles. At the age of 14, he joined the discipline of the Villarreal CF. In , Villareal transf Parade by the Colla Xirimitab's and at Religious celebration in the church: Iglesia de la Virgen de Loreto, followed by blessing of the animals in the Promenade.

From the 4th to the 14th of March the local restaurants offer us the best cuisine of the marina, collecting all the Mediterranean essence. The bonfire will be transported and set up during the entire day, followed by San Antonio Abad pine bonfire. Separate program. With the best photo of your holiday in Javea up to 5 pictures per person you can win a weekend with friends if you want with 2 children. As is tradition in the month of January, we celebrate the Festivities of San Antonio, in which the animals are the stars. Ask for private insurance.

Languages: Spanish, English, French.

Languages: Spanish, English, German. General and Cosmetic Medicine, Cosmetic Surgery, nutrition and metabolism, treatment of varicose veins, laser hair removal, permanent, biological medicine. Languages: Spanish, English.

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Check insurance. General Medicine, Gynaecology, Urology, Podiatry, Orthopedics, Cardiology, Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, checkups and lab. Languages: Spanish, English, French, Dutch. Pet insurance. Look at the clinic. Physiotherapy, osteopathy and psychoneuroimmunology.

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Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Psychology. General pediatrics and homeopathy. Family medicine. Child and family psychology. Osteopathy: Hans Huiskamp. Acupuncture and chinese medicin: Robert Vandevelde. Shiatsu and pilates: Lucy Gray. From 25th of April until 3rd of May.

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Its recreational and participative nature, its symbolism, tradition and popularity have caused this Holiday to be declared of Tourist Interest. The Fiestas Commission "Virgen de Loreto" celebrates this coming Saturday, March 22nd, the midyear of the most traditional festivities of the Port August 30 to September 8. Proclamation of the Queen, Ladies and Court of Honour, followed by musical performance with Orchestra. She has a degree in Law from the University of Valencia and she began her career in the Diplomatic Corps in She has been assigned in Spanish diplomatic representation posts in Russia, Nicaragua and Holland.

She was permanent deputy representative before the Organization Gastronomic and leisure event which features the most typical international dishes and a variety of musical performances. Enjoy this popular festival recovered since and held during the 2nd weekend of August in the beautiful scenery of Portitxol. Monday to Friday from Duanes de la Mar se viste con sus mejores galas para celebrar las fiestas centenarias de sus patronos, La Virgen de Loreto y Cristo del Mar. In , the Sant Joan cemetery was inaugurated in the town outskirts.

It was owned by a wealthy Bourgeoisie fa In the 17th Century, the religious devotion of the Counter-Reformation promoted the creation and construction of convents.

Timetable: from monday to friday from 9am to 2pm and from 4pm to 8pm. Saturdays from 10am to 1pm.