Get the Hell off My Porch

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They let us battle rap each other at school assemblies too, really encouraged that creativity. Introduced me to Top and everybody. This was when Jay Rock just got his deal, had his song with Lil Wayne. It was just a word.

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Top Dawg wanted to get some young talent. Ali wanted to bring me to the table, then my homeboy Bubba. He put us in a group. At the time, Greedo was already producing, already making 10 to 15 songs a night. Went from that to us all really hanging around each other. As they added him into the group, I kind of fell back from the situation. But we all did work. I still got songs with me and Greedo from , crazy.

Get the FUCK off my PORCH!™

Man that shit was dope as fuck, because he always had the work ethic. Back then, Greedo was always going back and forth to jail. Real wild, but always dope as fuck. Always making his own beats, always putting the extra initiative in. When I seen him, shit started fucking taking off. My blood brother, same mama, same daddy. Everybody around me, you seen almost 90 percentof people around me just wither away, whether they died, etc.

Got homies doing 40 years, homies doing 20 years.

Get the FUCK off my PORCH!™

My own little brother, Before he went to jail, he had just got out for a year. Seven months later, that happened. I talk to him daily, encouraging him to keep his head on straight. Not me. I take care of business. By The Way 2 is fucking fire. Versus me having fun with the music. Once you start making money for this music, it starts turning into your fucking 9 to 5.

But the inspiration, the dreams, the wants, people lose that once they start attaining things.

I started having fun with this shit again. I freestyled this whole album, top to bottom. Never done that before. I always write! I had fun with the shit.

We had a lot of people in the building, drinking, turning up. I was fucking hungry. I wanted to tear heads off, cement my name in this shit. I got bigger goals, got more things I want to create, got more things I want to do. This album was dope, just pure fun. Got a lot of the homies on there. I feel like the little kid again with the hopes and dreams, pushing it. You mentioned obtaining things — were you ever signed? No, never been signed. I look up to somebody like E, who can still put out music today, still can be successful and venture on to other things, but still be respected.

I always knew eventually, my shit was going to catch up on the independent wave — which it is now.

From my Porch to Peru | Travel and Culinary Adventures

I wanted to do my own thing, model my shit. Had everything ready before I can even do that, meaning you have projects making you money already. Already set a foundation for yourself. With or without the label, still going to make your money, still be able to do what you want to do. I want to partner with a label, do like Nip did. Go get a partnership. Not sign no deal or what they think they should give you.

Only way you get that is if you bring that value, so we bringing that value. That was my homie. Nip was dope. One time I was at the gym at 6 a. I do it myself too. That moved me out the hood.

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People telling me this, this, and that. You feel me? I had my daughter. My grandmother and my family luckily. I was trying to find ways to make money.

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Back then, I used to find the woman I knew had the most money, knock them down and get some paper. On some real gigolo type shit. Hell yeah, gotta do what you gotta do. My grandma used to take care of the bills. Any little money I got it, that was it.

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  • Get the Hell off My Porch by The Brothers Boyce!

Really nothing was going on for me in the streets either. After five years of nothing, boom! Something pops up. Your life fucking changes that fast.